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WordPress Property Real Estate Plugin v1.6.9

Download Free WordPress Real Estate Property Plugin


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WordPress Property Real Estate Plugin v1.6.9

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WordPress Property Real Estate Plugin v1.6.9 – VT Property is a WordPress plugin for Real estate and Properties sites. You can have unlimited attributes for the properties and create multiple agents as user.

  • Bug Fix – Non Administrator user failed to create aggregated asset
  • Bug Fix – Agents attributes form field missing Bootstrap Grid CSS Class
  • Bug Fix – Core create invalid UUID when server is using certain locales
  • Bug Fix – Deprecated Functions is membership plugin
  • Improvement – CSS styling fixes for membership pages and Form fields
  • Improvement – Allow user to change price decimals digit via GUI

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  • Bug Fix: Core tablemanager.js causing invalid form element name
  • Bug Fix: VisualComposer refused to print shortcode at backend if checkbox doesn’t have title


  • Bug Fix: Social Icon always visible even when it has been disabled


  • Bug Fix: Map search not filtering search result
  • Improvement : maps geocoding by caching previous results
  • Improvement : new documentations


  • Updated Core for PHP7 Compatibility, Initial Attempt.
  • Bug Fix: Ajax Search combined with infinite slider doesnt reset the old items
  • Bug Fix: Textarea input doesnt show the value at front
  • Bug Fix: Unable to hide social icon even if it has no address entered
  • Bug Fix: Split search form markup never display child element


This updates has some refactoring, it might break customized template, please test before updating

  • Refactor WPML integration for victheme property and victheme agents
  • Bug Fix Agents modal box cannot be closed via x button
  • Refactor Entities
  • Moving WPML integration out from entities into a single class


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  • Fix WPML String translation keep reverting bug on updated attributes
  • Add new WP Post Form to search post with ajax
  • Fix VisualComposer cannot add more texonomy terms filter query
  • Fix VisualComposer splitsearch shortcode redirection cannot be deactivated
  • Revamped the Metabox Owner for agents to use ajax user search
  • Improve maps javascript
  • Initial developer release for membership plugin addon
  • Tested against WP 4.7
  • Tested against VisualComposer 5.0.1


  • Added Lazyload to property images
  • Added drilling to property listing filters
  • Added Shortcode wptitle and wpcontent
  • Improve template detection
  • Added Hierarcichal Property Type
  • Added Maps Picker in agents profile
  • Added Query Operator Selector for search form
  • Change Operator for postal code search into “like” for more relaxed search
  • Added VC shortcode for displaying a single post content
  • Added VC shortcode for displaying a single post title
  • Added Options to select query operator to all search VC shortcode
  • Added Ability to do child property types
  • Added Map picker to property map fields
  • Fix Bug in search javascript that will clean all fields after ajax returned
  • Moved Field Image configuration to fields, allowing different types to have different image settings
  • Added Multiple image feature for field floorplan


  • Fixed Search parameter dont get forwarded when doing pagination
  • Improved VTCore Loop, VTCore Pagination logic
  • Added ability to disable isotope and isotope stamping to simplesearch, split search and advanced search
  • Added ability to post using GET for simplesearch, splitsearch and advanced search
  • Added ability to post using GET for agents search
  • Added Badges capability with configurable background and font color
  • Added File download field
  • Added Share Fields for facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, vk, renren, weibo
  • Added Print PDF capability

4.X-1.3.8 (MAJOR UPDATE)

  • Listing Widgets now implement QueryObject Forms, old widget needs to be reconfigured
  • Implements sorting by weight for property types, need WordPress 4.4 and above for this to work
  • Implements sorting by weight for property fields.
  • Implements sorting by weight for property attributes
  • Fixed bugs for ajax + custom query + pagination
  • Added Masonry template for loops
  • Added sorting by price, status, land size, building size, start duration, end duration. Need database update for sort by status
  • Added database updater via core updater
  • Improve template for grid, masonry and list mode
  • Agents field and attributes now is sortable by weight


  • Updating core
  • Adding archive-property.php and single-property.php to help novice user to get the plugin running easily
  • Added 2 new shortcode to help user build the archive and single page easily.
  • Bug fix field filter fired after field load
  • Bug fix headline always using global settings


  • Fix Headline broken
  • Updated victheme core
  • Updated victheme maps
  • Improve visual composer js speed
  • Include a modified version of widget shortcode plugin to include any widget as a shortcode


  • Added Textarea as Attributes form field options
  • Added Hierarchical Checkboxes as Attributes form field options
  • Added Hierarchical Radios as Attributes form field options
  • Added capability to change archive property type main permalink slug
  • Added capability to disable property archive page
  • Added capability to disable archive property slug front
  • Bug fix property types saving more than one type bug


  • Fix Aggregation assets sometimes break by updating Assets Factory to able to recover from missing aggregated file
  • Added Capability to map assets for speed improvement
  • Added Bootstrap Password Element
  • Improve the autoloader speed
  • Added Bootstrap Email Element
  • Added Bootstrap Url Element
  • Improve Library scanning folder speed
  • Improve Dotted notation static method speed
  • Improve VisualComposer Factory Speed
  • Added guard against caching plugins that is not compatible with Asset Factory
  • Improve Shortcode Registration speed
  • Improve Dot models speed
  • Added opcode detection on core panel information
  • Improve the back end and frontend detection for VisualComposer assets loading
  • Improve the backend and frontend detection for asset aggregation
  • Improve speed by dynamically loading filters, actions and shortcodes
  • Added asset maps to improve asset detection time
  • Fix bug in vagentsattributes shortcode
  • Fix bug in vagentsfields shortcode
  • Improve Taxonomy loading time by using the latest victheme property taxonomy loading logic
  • Added ability to select post using post title to vpropertyattributes shortcode
  • Added ability to select post using post title to vpropertyfields shortcode
  • Added ability to use victheme maps clustering marker to vpropertymaps shortcode and maps widget
  • Fix the property type terms selector in visual composer
  • Refactor the code in configuration page to avoid magic method fired
  • Added asset maps to improve asset detection time
  • Improve CSS for property masonry
  • Remove the ajax stop lock in property search and map search
  • Added faster method for registering taxonomy and capability
  • Fixed Youtube is broken in me.js by using native youtube iframe instead of me.js for video fields
  • Improve the shortcode registration by using the latest VTCore Shortcode registration method
  • Improve speed by dynamically loading filters, actions and shortcodes
  • Improve post type registration speed
  • Added new label for post type property
  • Fix bug in property attributes, type and fields shortcode
  • Fix bug in property simple search cannot change type label bug
  • Added overlays circle, polygon, rectangle and polyline’s shortcodes and integration to visual composer
  • Added Marker Clustering capabilities
  • Fixed bug maps is loading google js more than once.
  • Fixed but maps broken in VC 4.11


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