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Gravity Forms eWAY WordPress Plugin v2.2.6


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Gravity Forms eWAY WordPress Plugin v2.2.6 – Gravity Forms eWAY integrates the eWAY credit card payment gateway with Gravity Forms advanced form builder for WordPress.

Gravity Forms eWAY Pro now gives you even more options than the free plugin.

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Free Pro
works with Gravity Forms Personal licence yes yes
online donation forms yes yes
online booking forms yes yes
simple Buy Now forms yes yes
accept recurring payments* yes yes
record entry even when payment fails no yes
payment forms without SSL/TLS certificate no yes
complex forms with mapped fields no yes
create token payment customers no yes
securely remember customer cards with tokens no yes
send shipping address to eWAY no yes
payments based on conditional logic no yes
multiple currencies on one website no yes
multiple eWAY accounts on one website no yes



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Gravity Forms eWAY integrates the eWAY credit card payment gatewaywith Gravity Forms advanced form builder, using eWAY’s Rapid API Direct Payments and Recurring Payments XML API.

  • build online donation forms
  • build online booking forms
  • build simple Buy Now forms
  • accept recurring payments (Australian merchants only; see FAQ)

NB: this plugin extends Gravity Forms; you still need to install and activate Gravity Forms!

Go Pro and access these additional features:

  • record entry even when transaction fails
  • use Responsive Shared Page, no need for SSL certificate on standard payments
  • create complex forms with feeds mapping fields to eWAY
  • create token payment customers
  • remember customer cards using tokens
  • send shipping addresses to eWAY
  • use sophisticated conditional logic
  • mix multiple currencies on one website
  • mix multiple eWAY accounts on one website


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Developers can use these filter hooks to modify some eWAY invoice properties. Each filter receives a string for the field value, and the Gravity Forms form array.

  • gfeway_form_is_eway for telling Gravity Forms eWAY to ignore a form
  • gfeway_code_description for modifying the eWAY Rapid API error messages
  • gfeway_invoice_desc for modifying the invoice description
  • gfeway_invoice_ref for modifying the invoice reference
  • gfeway_invoice_trans_number for modifying the invoice transaction reference
  • gfeway_invoice_option1 for setting the option1 field (one-off payments)
  • gfeway_invoice_option2 for setting the option2 field (one-off payments)
  • gfeway_invoice_option3 for setting the option3 field (one-off payments)
  • gfeway_invoice_cust_comments for setting the customer comments field (recurring payments)
  • gfeway_recurring_periods for filtering the available recurring periods (from ‘weekly’, ‘fortnightly’, ‘monthly’, ‘quarterly’, ‘yearly’)


Screen Shots.

Options screen
A sample donation form
The sample donation form as it appears on a page
How a credit card validation error appears
A successful entry in Gravity Forms admin
Example with recurring payments
Forcing SSL on a page with a credit card form
Enabling PCI for Direct Connections in the Sandbox

Preguntas frecuentes



What’s New in Version 2.2.6


= 2.2.6 =

Gravity Forms 2.3 compatibility; proper handling of Japanese Yen (JPY); Gravity Forms HTML5 Validation plugin compatibility

== Changelog ==

> [Gravity Forms eWAY Pro is now available!](

The full changelog for Gravity Forms eWAY can be found [on GitHub]( Recent entries:

### 2.2.6, 2017-09-12

* fixed: Gravity Forms 2.3 compatibility; don’t directly access database tables
* fixed: amounts in Japanese Yen (JPY) are already in the lowest denomination; no need to shift to / from cents
* fixed: Client Side Encryption fails when Gravity Forms HTML5 Validation plugin is active


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