GD BbPress Toolbox Pro V5.0.2 – WordPress Plugin


GD BbPress Toolbox Pro V5.0.2 – WordPress Plugin – Very useful starting point to get some basic information about the forum, review the content, reported posts, users and given and rceived thanks.

Get the information about major plugin version, full versions changelog, informatio about the plugin, and other Dev4Press plugins for WordPress.

Quickly configure most important plugin options to get started using the plugin. Wizard includes several panels for setting up modules and more.

Most of the plugin features are split into modules, and most of them can be disabled. All modules can be controlled from the Modules admin page.

Plugin adds two widgets into WordPress main dashboard. One widget lists latest topics and replies, and the other widget shows online users stats.

With easy to use tool, plugin allows you to close old topics for new replies based on different criteria, with optional number of days in the past to check.

Plugin can register more then 15 additional topic views. Topic views can filter topics by predefined criteria, and make it easier to find content.

Add two blocks with useful information on the forums main page including: various statistical information, users online status and activity and more.

Plugin includes another 20+ tweaks for various bbPress features related to topics, replies, forums, revisions, advanced settings and much more.


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