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Download Free Freelancer Office v1.9.1. This is the latest version and was last updated on 31 January, 2018. On CodeCanyon. Free Download Freelancer Office v1.9.1. is a simple and convenient web based project management and time tracking tool for managing projects, invoicing, tasks tracking and monitoring your work.

Project Credits

Many Thanks to

  • Florian Gareis -> Co-Developer
  • Alexandros Gortsilas -> Co-Developer
  • Pablo Carrau -> Designer
  • Tom Hatzer -> Co-Developer
  • Vincent Taglia -> Bitcoin Payment Plugin

Thanks to this great people for translating Freelancer Office

  • Spanish -> David Naranjo
  • Norwegian -> Joransrb
  • Greek -> Alexandros Gortsilas
  • Russian -> Asmuz
  • Polish -> Tael Piotr Bidziski
  • Romanian -> Andrei Olariu
  • Portuguese -> Manuel Rodrigues
  • French -> Marc Marco
  • Dutch -> Albert Samseer and Geert Haagh
  • German -> Sascha & Florian Gareis
  • Spanish -> Danny Davila
  • Chinese -> Danny Davila


Project Updates


- Fixed many bugs
- Added deals with Kanban View + Pipelines
- Added Knowledgebase
- Added Contracts
- Added e-signs for contracts
- Added option to convert contract to Project once signed
- Added Invoice partial payments 
- Added extra payment gateways
- Improved reporting features
- Added email integration/sync to deals
- Added auto reminders for tasks overdue
- Added custom fields to Clients
- Added Credit Notes
- Added recurring expenses
- Added taxes to estimates
- Added invoice amounts in words
- Added invoice, deals commenting/notes
- Added option to create events & receive alerts
- Added RTL
- Added notifications alerts on dashboard
- Improved performance on invoices display table
- Added project invoicing
- Added S3, Dropbox, FTP uploading options
- Added export CSV for Deals, Estimates, Invoices, Credit Notes
- Added import Deals, Invoices, Estimates
- Added email templates for different languages
- Added Invoice Payments without logging in
- Added Telegram API Payments
- Added user files 
- Upgraded to latest Codeigniter

VERSION 1.9.1 – JANUARY 30, 2018

- Fix a security issue affecting web installer

VERSION 1.8.7 – SEPTEMBER 02, 2016

- Added option to enable/disable auto update exchange rates 
- Added option to change chart color 
- Added option to add custom events to calendar 
- Added TAX 2 to Invoice/Estimates 
- Fixed email template company logo size 
- Fixed Online payments date formats 
- Added file uploads to Clients section 
- Fixed blank screen during install on some servers
- Fixed other known bugs

VERSION 1.8.5 – AUGUST 04, 2016

- Fixed: Overlaping timers
- Fixed: Notes issue
- Added: Project Default Settings
- Updated to codeigniter 3.1.0
- Fixed: 500 Error in translation backups
- Added: Display Email Template tags
- Fixed: Project and Task comment notifications

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