SEO Studio v2.0.11 – Professional Tools for SEO

SEO Studio v2.0.11 – Professional Tools for SEO

SEO Studio v2.0.11 – Professional Tools for SEO


SEO Studio v2.0.11 – Lightweight, fast, and high-quality tools for search engine optimization and webmastering. Easily set it up on your website for your visitors or customers to use. Google SERP SEO Studio – Professional Tools for SEO – 1 Find your current rank on Google for all of your keywords. Checks the first 250 results. Bing SERP SEO Studio – Professional Tools for SEO – 2 Find your current rank on Bing for all of your keywords. Checks only the first 100 results.

Top Search Queries SEO Studio – Professional Tools for SEO – 3 Displays the top search queries that lead visitors to your website, as well as the estimated monthly search volume, CPC, and percentage of your total searches for each query. Indexed Pages SEO Studio – Professional Tools for SEO – 4 Calculates the total number of pages that Google and Bing have indexed for your site.

Robots.txt SEO Studio – Professional Tools for SEO – 5 Reads and parses your robots.txt file the same way Google would, to find sitemaps and rules. These findings are displayed in an organized table. Sitemap SEO Studio – Professional Tools for SEO – 6 Scans your website to find sitemap files.

Each sitemap is displayed along with the status code, format, number of entries in the sitemap, and a percentile representing how hard it will be for Google and Bing to find the sitemap. Submit Sitemaps SEO Studio – Professional Tools for SEO – 7 Easily and instantly submit your sitemap(s) to Google and Bing. This tool is recommended for new sites and after redesigning websites.

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Global Multi v3.0 NULLED – School Management System

Global Multi v3.0 NULLED – School Management System

Global Multi v3.0 NULLED – School Management System | Global Multi School Management System Express is the latest and most comprehensive school automation software that is suitable for all educational institutions, such as schools, colleges and universities. Especially for those who want to manage all schools from one system / server. 

The Global Multidisciplinary School Management System (GMSMS) is a fully organized access control system based on ACL, multilingual, exclusive reports and a secure multidisciplinary school management system with well documented and clear coding. 

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Maro Phpotographer v2.2 – Photographer Portfolio Script

Maro Phpotographer v2.2 – Photographer Portfolio Script

Maro Phpotographer v2.2 – Photographer Portfolio Script | Maro Photographer is a script for photographers, a photo studio, or anyone who wants to showcase photos or any stylish portfolio. This CMS includes almost everything you need to find the right photographer. Fully adaptive on any device. The administrator can manage the site without a single knowledge of the code. Clean code with high performance. 

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About Maro Photographer CMS

Maro Photographer is specially script for Photographers, Photography‘>Photography studio or any one who want to showcase photos or any portfolio in style. we spent good time to produce photography cms to build your awesome website This CMS Includes almost everything you need to find the right Photographer. The CMS is fully responsive for any device. Admin can manage complete website without single line of coding knowledge.


  • Totally secured system (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF)
  • Login System, Admin control panel system with full options
  • Easy to install and usability(without any coding knowledge needed).
  • Flexible and easy Control Panel to mange the website.
  • Friendly with SEO for website, blog and albums.
  • Awesome Design for Website and admin panel
  • Fully Responsive for Website and admin panel
  • Clean Code with hight performance.
  • Easy Customization
  • Trendy website interface included.
    • Home page with dynamic slider images.
    • About photographer page with more details
    • Sessions Page include awesome gallery of All sessions with sessions category filter
    • Session Album Page include featured image, video, session images, description, number of album views and more features..
    • Blog posts page filtered with blog category
    • Sessions Price Package, Any user can reserve with you easily.
    • Contact form to make your client reach you easily.
  • Admin(You)mange:
    • website settings(Logo, Favicon, Website Description, Personal contact information, Social media links)
    • Manage Search Engine optimization tools for meta description and meta keywords
    • Dashboard Analytics has summery of everything happen ( count of views and visitors, latest blog posts added, latest sessions added, count number for all sessions and images and blog posts with its categories).
    • About Photographer Details with many features
    • Sliders and its Content
    • Package prices for sessions with adding discounts and currency options
    • unlimited Blog categories
    • Unlimited Blog posts
    • Unlimited Sessions Categories
    • Unlimited Sessions Albums with full options(SEO options, number of views, featured image, video, multi uploading images, description, and more..)
  • more amazing features is coming up.

Access Information

Website URL: 
Admin Panel URL:
Email: [email protected] 
Password: 123456 


You will need the following softwares to customize this template. 

1- Code Editing Software (eg: Netbeans, Sublime Text or Notepad).
2- Web Browser for testing (eg: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).
3- FTP Tool to upload files to Server (eg: FileZilla).
4- Edit your configuration(the steps included in documentation).

Change Log

Version 2.2:

- Adding discount and currency option for sessions prices.

Version 2.1:

- Adding Packages prices for sessions.

[download id=”23499″]


AtoZ SEO Tools v2.0 [Search Engine Optimization Tools]

AtoZ SEO Tools v2.0 [Search Engine Optimization Tools]

Download Fres AtoZ SEO Tools WordPress Plugin SEO Tools v.2.0 – CodeCanyon | AtoZ SEO Tools v2.0 – Search Engine Optimization Tools (Last Updated on 24th July 2018) is a SEO Optimization Tools.

The great Developers have made more than 50 SEO Tools to keep track your all SEO issues and surely helps to improve the visibility of any website in search engine result pages. It also helps to completely optimize the entire web content by analyzing content for keywords, on-site links and other SEO considerations.

Main Features:
  • User Management System
  • Oauth Login System Included (Facebook and Google )
  • Fully translatable to any language
  • Captcha protection system for SEO Tools
  • Track your visitors traffic and input queries
  • Fully SEO-friendly URLs
  • One-Click Ads integrationAdvance Mailer for Account Activation, Password reset etc..
  • Powerful admin control panel
  • Two Simple Themes included on the Package!
  • Easy Maintenance Mode
  • Google analytics support
  • Responsive design
  • Inbuilt Sitemap Generator
  • Support both SMTP and Native PHP mail
  • Support Theme customization / Custom coded themes
  • Contact page for visitors to contact you easily
  • Create unlimited custom pages
  • Add-ons Support
  • Inbuilt Easy Installer Panel
List of SEO Tools:
  • Article Rewriter
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Backlink Maker
  • Meta Tag Generator
  • Meta Tags Analyzer
  • Keyword Position Checker
  • Robots.txt Generator
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • Backlink Checker
  • Alexa Rank Checker
  • Word Counter
  • Online Ping Website Tool
  • Link Analyzer
  • PageRank Checker
  • My IP Address
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Google Malware Checker
  • Domain Age Checker
  • Whois Checker
  • Domain into IP
  • Dmoz Listing Checker
  • URL Rewriting Tool
  • www Redirect Checker
  • Mozrank Checker
  • URL Encoder / Decoder
  • Server Status Checker
  • Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator
  • Page Size Checker
  • Reverse IP Domain Checker
  • Blacklist Lookup
  • AVG Antivirus Checker
  • Link Price Calculator
  • *Website Screenshot Generator
  • Domain Hosting Checker
  • Get Source Code of Webpage
  • Google Index Checker
  • Website Links Count Checker
  • Class C Ip Checker
  • Online Md5 Generator
  • Page Speed Checker
  • Code to Text Ratio Checker
  • Find DNS records
  • What is my Browser
  • Email Privacy
  • Google Cache Checker
  • Broken Links Finder
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator
  • Keywords Suggestion Tool
  • Domain Authority Checker
  • Page Authority Checker

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Courier Deprixa Pro v3.2.4 [Integrated Web System]

Courier Deprixa Pro v3.2.4 [Integrated Web System]

Download Free Courier Deprixa Pro v3.2.4: Courier DEPRIXA PRO v3.2.5 It is a software designed for companies that handle loads that require a system to monitor the logistics of storage and handling of cargo to its final destination, binding modules collection that will create automatic billing, according to the dimensions , weight and shape of said load handling.

Additional Courier DEPRIXA PRO v3.2.5, The advantage of this software is that it is a web system, allowing it to be accessed from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone possessing an Internet connection.


The advantage of this software is that DEPRIXA PRO v3.2.5 is a web system, allowing it to be accessed from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone possessing Internet connection. This enables the customer can access the system and update information from where you want, 24 hours a day.

Streamlining the status of shipments, which makes it easy when your parcel and change the status of delivery or payment, differentiating each color to change states.

Deprixa Pro Features


  • Admin Template Responsive layout (Desktops, Tablets and mobile devices).
  • Parcel Reception
  • Streamlining the status of shipments
  • Paypal Payments
  • Consolidation platform packages
  • Issuance of Bills
  • Parcel status update
  • Online Customer Registration
  • Customer Control Panel
  • Online Bookings
  • Notification by email
  • Consolidation Platform packages
  • Shipments in various modes (air, sea, etc) each with own rates
  • Invoicing
  • Control Collection
  • And much more…

Update History

Version 3.2.5 StarPath (01th November 2017)


  • Modern web template editable.
  • Calculation of shipping and booking form, complete with client registration.
  • Module edit web page.
  • Upload and show photo customer module.
  • New language Portuguese.
  • In each user session time.


  • Update in the form of shipping and adjustments to the calculation of the formula collection.
  • Update of errors in the module shipping calculations.
  • Update of errors start of sessions.
  • Simplficacion of the code in general.
  • Update of errors in the module customer

Demo Courier Deprixa Pro v3.2.4 [Integrated Web System]

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Download Free Courier Deprixa Pro v3.2.4 [Integrated Web System]

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Freelancer Office v1.9.1

Freelancer Office v1.9.1

Download Free Freelancer Office v1.9.1. This is the latest version and was last updated on 31 January, 2018. On CodeCanyon. Free Download Freelancer Office v1.9.1. is a simple and convenient web based project management and time tracking tool for managing projects, invoicing, tasks tracking and monitoring your work.

Project Credits

Many Thanks to

  • Florian Gareis -> Co-Developer
  • Alexandros Gortsilas -> Co-Developer
  • Pablo Carrau -> Designer
  • Tom Hatzer -> Co-Developer
  • Vincent Taglia -> Bitcoin Payment Plugin

Thanks to this great people for translating Freelancer Office

  • Spanish -> David Naranjo
  • Norwegian -> Joransrb
  • Greek -> Alexandros Gortsilas
  • Russian -> Asmuz
  • Polish -> Tael Piotr Bidziski
  • Romanian -> Andrei Olariu
  • Portuguese -> Manuel Rodrigues
  • French -> Marc Marco
  • Dutch -> Albert Samseer and Geert Haagh
  • German -> Sascha & Florian Gareis
  • Spanish -> Danny Davila
  • Chinese -> Danny Davila


Project Updates


- Fixed many bugs
- Added deals with Kanban View + Pipelines
- Added Knowledgebase
- Added Contracts
- Added e-signs for contracts
- Added option to convert contract to Project once signed
- Added Invoice partial payments 
- Added extra payment gateways
- Improved reporting features
- Added email integration/sync to deals
- Added auto reminders for tasks overdue
- Added custom fields to Clients
- Added Credit Notes
- Added recurring expenses
- Added taxes to estimates
- Added invoice amounts in words
- Added invoice, deals commenting/notes
- Added option to create events & receive alerts
- Added RTL
- Added notifications alerts on dashboard
- Improved performance on invoices display table
- Added project invoicing
- Added S3, Dropbox, FTP uploading options
- Added export CSV for Deals, Estimates, Invoices, Credit Notes
- Added import Deals, Invoices, Estimates
- Added email templates for different languages
- Added Invoice Payments without logging in
- Added Telegram API Payments
- Added user files 
- Upgraded to latest Codeigniter

VERSION 1.9.1 – JANUARY 30, 2018

- Fix a security issue affecting web installer

VERSION 1.8.7 – SEPTEMBER 02, 2016

- Added option to enable/disable auto update exchange rates 
- Added option to change chart color 
- Added option to add custom events to calendar 
- Added TAX 2 to Invoice/Estimates 
- Fixed email template company logo size 
- Fixed Online payments date formats 
- Added file uploads to Clients section 
- Fixed blank screen during install on some servers
- Fixed other known bugs

VERSION 1.8.5 – AUGUST 04, 2016

- Fixed: Overlaping timers
- Fixed: Notes issue
- Added: Project Default Settings
- Updated to codeigniter 3.1.0
- Fixed: 500 Error in translation backups
- Added: Display Email Template tags
- Fixed: Project and Task comment notifications

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