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3 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers & Affiliates


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3 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers & Affiliates

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3 Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers & Affiliates – To get started as an affiliate marketer you have to search for some of the best affiliate programs to promote. With a good affiliate program, you can’t be a success as an affiliate.

So, what is the basic question for the affiliate?

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What does it take to do effective affiliate marketing promotion?

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Well, effective affiliate marketing promotion is all about picking the right affiliate programs and products to promote.

It’s surely the most important thing that you have to set it right for making it big as an affiliate.

So, we thought that it makes perfect sense to share with you 15+ Best Affiliate Programs that can help you to make dozens of dollars online.

To get started as an affiliate marketer you have to search for some of the best affiliate programs to promote. With a good affiliate program, you can’t be a success as an affiliate.

So, what is the basic question for the affiliate?

What does it take to do effective affiliate marketing promotion?

Well, effective affiliate marketing promotion is all about picking the right affiliate programs and products to promote.

It’s surely the most important thing that you have to set it right for making it big as an affiliate.

So, we thought that it makes perfect sense to share with you 15+ Best Affiliate Programs that can help you to make dozens of dollars online.

The best affiliate programs are the ones that:

  • Pay the Most
  • Are useful and most trusted
  • Offer lifetime Commissions for ANY purchase that your referral makes
  • Offer quality MULTIPLE products
  • Are not too mainstream

Well, the good news for you is that we have featured the BIG ones.

The post lists out 15 of the highest paying and best affiliate programs.

And that’s not all.

The post goes on to list some of the best Affiliate Networks (including CPA Affiliate Networks).

So, there’s plenty to gain from this post.

Well, the truth is that affiliate marketing can be the biggest source of revenue for you if you promote the right programs to the right audience.

This itself shows the importance of (high ticket) affiliate programs. Using the right affiliate marketing programs, you can even make as much as $7500 for a single sale.

And no additional tasks whatsoever.

No product creation, no customer support, but higher income.

Here, we have listed over 10+ legit and high paying affiliate programs that you can trust and use to promote to your audience safely.

Well, the list is certainly not exhaustive in any way but does include some of the highest paying affiliate niche.

Most importantly, they are proven effective programs.

And they pay.

Plus, we have considered quite some factors when researching for the best affiliate programs.

Let’s find out:

  • Long-term income potential: You sell once and keep collecting the affiliate paycheck on a monthly basis.
  • Cookie duration: Follow-up products can make you earn additional commissions if the cookie is being tracked.
  • Refund Rate: Before promoting any offer, confirm what the refund rate is.
  • One Product vs. all Products: When your referral buys a different product (the one that you are not promoting), do you still get a commission?
  • Conversion Rate: How well does the traffic convert into buyers?
  • Immediate Payment: These affiliate marketing programs offer immediate payments for each sale.

Lastly, it’s important for you to know that the quality and relevancy of the product itself makes you a successful affiliate marketer.

Moreover, if you have a website that gains lots of traffic, it’s high time that you start with affiliate marketing.

The best thing about affiliate marketing programs is that they don’t require you to have your products or services. So, there’s no headache of shipping or customer service for the affiliates.

You have to place an advertisement on your sites for other merchants, and you can earn a commission out of every product bought from your site.

Before we take up the Best Affiliate Programs, let’s have a look at the basic payment methods offered by the popular affiliate programs:

Pay per Sale (Cost per Sale)

It is the most popular payment method adopted by most of the popular affiliate programs. Here, the affiliate marketers earn commissions from the merchant when the client makes an actual purchase at the merchant’s website.

The affiliate programs offer a specific percentage of the sale as commission while there are others that pay a fixed rate for every sale.

Pay per Click (Cost per Click)

Under this agreement, the affiliate marketers get fixed rates when clients click on the links placed on the affiliate website leading to the merchant website.

Here a purchase is not necessary for earning commissions.

The client has to click the link and has to stay on the merchant’s website for at least thirty seconds. The affiliate marketer earns commission regardless of what the visitor does on the merchant site.

Pay per Lead (Cost per Lead)

Under this agreement, the affiliate marketers are paid depending on the number of visitors sent to the merchant ’s website and then sign up as leads. It means that the visitor has to fill out the information request form on the merchant site to qualify as a lead.

Well, now we start with the list of Best Affiliate Programs and assure you that you will get something on this list that fits you perfectly.

Simply, Read On!

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon requires no introduction.

It is an American eCommerce and cloud computing company that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. In fact, Amazon happens to be the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States.

Its affiliate program called Amazon Associates, allows you to tap into over a million products for advertising to your customers.

Moreover, it is the best place for beginners to start affiliate marketing. It offers numerous advantages to sellers and affiliates alike.

The site is also good for advanced affiliate marketers who can create custom tools that have APIs and Amazon implementations.

As a beginner, you require a platform to promote your products. The best way is to have a blog or website.

Another good thing about Amazon Affiliate Program is the fact that you have a choice to promote products that interest you.

Well, you can promote the products by writing reviews or articles about the products.

Moreover, the earning potential with Amazon affiliate program is huge.

Amazon offers you a unique link that can earn you a commission when a customer purchases any product from the site.

It has a user-friendly interface that is easy for both beginners as well as seasoned marketers. It has a huge list of products. So, you can have many ads that will interest your visitors.

The platform has more than one million merchants that are more than any affiliate program in the world. And it is one of the most trusted brands in the world. Amazon happens to be one of the most trusted sites across the world.

The only drawback with Amazon affiliate program is that it offers low commission rates. The commissions start from 0 percent, and maximum commission you can earn is 10%.

So, you need to generate a high volume of sales for making your business sustainable.

2. eBay Partner Network

The eBay Partner Network is another great place for earning affiliate commissions. Becoming an affiliate with eBay is just a few mouse clicks away.

One good thing about eBay is that you can sell new products or items and you can even buy items at a lower price and resell them at a higher price.

The least you have to do is to refer people to purchase items on this site.

You need to have your website that contains the product you are promoting. The best thing about this network is that you can earn a handsome commission for each product bought from your site.

You can also earn by persuading people to register with eBay. You can earn up to 35 bucks for every person who registers from your site.

You can place interactive ads on your website or blog and attract visitors to come to eBay pages.

Success at eBay is as simple as Find, Share, and Earn.

Moreover, eBay has over a billion listings.

So, there’s plenty of choice for you.

You can offer links to fashion, electronics, collectibles, home goods, and more. In fact, there are amazing brands and sellers on eBay having a wide array of products.

It has a variety of listing tools that make sharing the listing with your audience easy. Plus, you get insights (reports and analytics) for measuring and improving performance.

You earn when you refer someone, and they purchase within 24 hours. Partners can earn up to 70% of eBay revenue.

The percentage depends on the category of the item purchased. The minimum needed for getting paid is $10. Your earnings are posted the day after the sale occurred. It can be viewed on your dashboard.

3. Target Affiliate Program

Target Affiliate Program is regarded as one of the best alternatives to the Amazon Associates program.

However, their selection of products isn’t as big as Amazon. That said, they still end up with a huge selection.

They offer a diverse range of products to support your niche topic. Moreover, they operate on a volume-based fee structure.

The commission rates are great for apparel, general home goods, and even general outdoor goods.

Their other big selling point is their 7-day cookie which is pretty long when compared to Amazon’s cookie that is one day.

Another plus with Target is that their brand trust and identity is comparable to the likes of Amazon. The brick and mortar Target stores have been around for decades, and that brand trust gets extended to online sales.

Plus, they have generous cookie expiration.

It lasts for seven days.

So, you get enough time to make your commission leading to higher conversion rates.

However, Target Affiliate Program offers varied commission rates. You can benefit if you are selling high commission items such as apparel, but you can end up making a lot less money if your website is dedicated to a low commission item like electronics.

Moreover, the Target Affiliate Program offers few tools for integrating your affiliate links into your website. Viewers can feel annoyed with the banner advertisements. So, it can result in losing traffic.

Overall, Target Affiliate Program is respectable and good option to go with.

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