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Volume Gauge v1.1 – jQuery Plugin - nullwebscripts

Download free Volume Gauge v1.1 – jQuery Plugin. This PHP Scripts Was Last Updated On 16th April, 2018 On CodeSter. Volume Gauge 1.1 – jQuery Plugin As always, you may create a support request with any question, concern, or suggestion regarding this plugin. It may take up to 2 business days to get a response, but usually we respond rather quickly.

Customize Your Plugin

No matter what you’re after, you will be able to make it happen with this plugin.

If one of the 3 different built-in display types don’t suit your needs, then write your own with the drawCustom property. All of the sound data is provided for you, as well as the configuration object. This means that you can add your own configuration properties to really make this plugin your own.

Need gradients or images to be a part of your gauge? No problem. All of the color properties support CanvasGradientCanvasPattern, and CSS Color Strings.

Do you rely on an accurate and detailed documentation? We always provide great documentation with all of our products.


  • 3 built-in graphs
  • write your own graphing function
  • suitable for most applications right out of the box
  • supports audio files and microphone inputs
  • supports the latest and most used mobile devices
  • commented, easy-to-read code
  • detailed and easy-to-read documentation
  • 24/7 support (thoughtful response within 2 business days)


    - added mobile support
    - user is now fully responsible for AudioContext management
    - oscillator optimization
    - cleaned up a few things
    - updated documentation
    - initial release


  • jQuery 3.3.1+
  • IE 11+, Edge 16+, Chrome 49+, Firefox 58+, Safari 11+
  • iOS 10+, Android 8+
  • to use the mediaElement (audio files) feature, you must host your web page on a server (not through the file:// protocol) because of CORS restrictions


The instructions are included with purchase which includes examples and documentation.

[stextbox id=’files-demo’ caption=’Purchase & More Info/Demo’]http://zipansion.com/fYfn[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=’custom-download’ caption=’Free Download’]http://zipansion.com/fYmJ[/stextbox]

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