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Yoast SEO Premium v7.7 [Best WordPress SEO Plugin]

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Free Download Yoast SEO Premium v7.7 – Best WordPress SEO Plugin Nulled. This is the latest version which was last updated on June 26, 2018 on Yoast. Download Yoast SEO Premium 7.7 Nulled. This plugin is written from the ground up by Joost de Valk and his team at Yoast to improve your site’s SEO on all needed aspects.

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While this Yoast SEO Premium plugin goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization, more on that below, it first and foremost helps you write better content. Yoast SEO Premium forces you to choose a focus keyword when you’re writing your articles, and then makes sure you use that focus keyword everywhere.

Yoast SEO Premium v7.7 Changelog



* Implements the snippet preview in React. This brings an improved user experience regarding the snippet variables, making it easier to use and discover them.
* Implements the improved snippet variables on the search appearance settings pages.
* Adds an inserter to the title and metadescription fields to make it easier to insert a snippet variable.
* Improves the mobile snippet preview to match the Google mobile search results more closely.
* Changes the behavior of the meta description preview when there is no handwritten meta description. We no longer mimic Google by showing a part of your content, but explain what Google does instead.
* Sends the user to the proper control in the customizer when clicking the link in the “You still have the default WordPress tagline […]” warning message.
* Adds a wpseo_attachment_redirect_url filter to allow changing of the target redirection URL for attachments. This may be necessary to restore the redirect to the parent post. Props to cawa-93.
* Adds a wpseo_recommended_replace_vars filter to allow adding or altering the recommended snippet variables.
* Adds support for JSON-LD breadcrumbs. Props to teolaz
* Improves the lists of French transition words, stopwords, and function words, props to Laurent-1971.
* Improves the assessment that checks the use of subheadings so that it always returns relevant feedback to the user.
* Adds a notification when a post is removed.
* Overhauls the Content Types section under SEO -> Search Appearance by sectioning the post types and allowing users to collapse them. This is especially handy when you have a lot of custom post types.
* Updates the ‘snippet variables tab’ of the Help Center to have the new names.
* Adds recommended snippet variables for templates depending on the context. The wpseo_recommended_replace_vars filter is added, which gives the possibility to add or alter the recommended snippet variables.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixes a bug where a PHP notice would be triggered when the opcache.restrict_api directive was enabled.
* Fixes a bug where restricting SEO setting access to network admins only on a multisite, would still allow regular admins to have access to SEO settings.
* Fixes a bug where dismissing notifications on a single site in a multisite environment, would result in the notification being dismissed on all sites.
* Fixes a bug where the attachment URL would redirect to wp-admin if the attachment was located on a different Site URL domain.
* Fixes a bug where MySQL would throw a “Duplicate entry ‘X'” error into the error log when attempting to upsert a record in the database.
* Fixes a performance problem where the selecting a fallback Open Graph image would collect the filename for all the images in the content. This has been changed to detecting if an image is usable per image and stopping when a usable image is found.
* Fixes a bug where the term title snippet variable would be replaced by ‘undefined’ instead of an empty string on posts and pages.
* Fixes a bug where PHP notices got triggered on archive pages when %%pt_single%% and/or %%pt_plural%% are used in a template.
* Fixes a bug where the configured separator wasn’t used in the title template fallback that’s being used when no title template has been set.

Demo Yoast SEO Premium [Best WordPress SEO Plugin]

Yoast SEO Premium v7.7 [Best WordPress SEO Plugin] 2

Free Download Yoast SEO Premium v7.7 Nulled

Free Download
Yoast SEO Premium v7.7 [Best WordPress SEO Plugin] 4



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